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Oriental Sports Center

As one of the largest public sports facility in Shanghai, the Oriental Sports Center mainly focuses on aquatic sports and has held many world-class and professional-level sports events. It is located in the superior part of south riverside, at the New Bund. As the transfer hub (Oriental Sport Center station), the Oriental Sports Club is easily accessible by Lane 6, Lane 8 and Lane 11.

The stadium consists of a comprehensive gym, which can hold 18,000 people, an indoor pool and an outdoor diving pool that can both hold 5,000 people, a media center, and other auxiliary facilities such as a parking lot and a bus station.

The outer shape of the building is just like a “crown in the sea”, which representing the passion, strength, courage and domineering spirit of the hard-working athlete during the games. Since it was open to public in July, 2011, the quality of sports facilities in Shanghai has been largely increased and the “National Fitness Program” has been pushed forward.